Polar Bear Plunge: Midnight Snack
5:30 pm17:30

Polar Bear Plunge: Midnight Snack

  • Lucky Jack's NYC

Arctic's 5th PLUNGE
June 4th SUNDAY (we're moving the date because of a booking exchange)
Our theme this time will be Midnight Snack

Prompts for the artists: 
A blinding light
Sound waves
Hot sauce

The show is FREE with a suggested $5 donation at the event or support us online at www.thearcticgroup.org/support-us

Featuring new works by Arctic Humans and guest artists including Marcus Crawford GuyMichael GriffithsAlisa ZhulinaKatie VincentDennis Yueh-yeh Li, Mike Puckett, and (maybe) more

The Pantry Reading Lab Present's De Profundis by Ran Xia
2:30 pm14:30

The Pantry Reading Lab Present's De Profundis by Ran Xia

  • The Cell UP

Join us for the first Reading Lab of our 2017 Season!

The Pantry Reading Lab Presents
written and directed by Ran Xia.

Cast: Finn IllfigureSarah WalkerMax HenryIrene TurriMi DoriSarah Eismann, and Adham Haddara

The event will include a staged reading of this original work along with a guided post-show discussion about the play. We encourage our audience to come drink wine, eat snacks, and share their ideas about new theatre.

Address: the cell UP | 338 W. 23rd St. | New York, NY

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place April showcase
7:30 pm19:30

Salon Lounge at Dixon Place April showcase

  • Dixon Place

International Women Artists' Salon is honored to be partnering with Dixon Place to bring you our multi-disciplinary project series, "Salon Lounge at Dixon Place", a monthly showcase of women's artistry. This month we have amazing multidisciplinary artists discussing the theme of creating, building & originating work from the ground up and integrating various disciplines.

Don't miss this dynamic evening of incredible artistry by these uber talented women creatives:

Performance: Melinda Lauw (textile artist and immersive performance creator)
Music: Ysanne Spevack (composer, chef, and sensory experience designer)
Visual Art: Olen Riyanto (fiber artist and photographer)
Literature: Ran Xia (playwright and director)

Host: Alexandra Moro

Come early to mix, stay after to mingle!

FREE to attend, donations welcome

7:30 pm, showcase begins
8:30 pm on, mixing and mingling in lounge with artists and audience

Polar Bear Plunge: Spring Cleaning
6:00 pm18:00

Polar Bear Plunge: Spring Cleaning

  • Jucky Jack's

Hosted by Charlotte Arnoux
Featuring Blank by Victoria Giambalvo, Painted Blue (No One Ever Wins The War) by Ran Xia, "First Apartment in NYC Story" by Adrian Burke, DABDA by Jake Geary, Daphne (excerpt) by Alice Pencavel, [Work in Progress] project by Kelly Teaford, Lillies by Hanan Mahbouba, spring poems ("A Spring Poem""Who Lived Here Before Us?", & "Elegy for an Activist") by Monica Trausch, Portrait of A Female Nude by Catherine Spino, and The Attempt by Katie Vincent.

One Night Stand
7:00 pm19:00

One Night Stand

  • Theatre West 97

The Greenhouse Ensemble Presents: 

One Night Stand
An Evening of Short Plays by Theresa Rebeck

Join The Greenhouse Ensemble two days after Valentine’s Day for a one night only event, One Night Stand. This night will feature four short plays by Theresa Rebeck that explore the presence and absence of romantic relationships and how they make our lives wonderfully horrible. 

One hour before the performance, we will be hosting our pre-show pARTy celebration, featuring incredible artwork by Bronwen Sharp and Sheree Tams, as well as live musical performances and refreshments.

"The Actress"
Directed by Sara Rademacher
Emily Jewell as Nina
Michael John Improta as Mike

"Does This Woman Have a Name" 
Directed by Kelly McCready
Emily Nash as Mel
Stephanie Sherry as Sarah
James "Face" Yu as Jon

"Candy Heart" 
Directed by Ran Xia
Jenny Ward as Brenda
Esther Ko as Monica

"Big Mistake" 
Directed by Celine Havard
Whitney St. Ours as Annie
Julie Orkis as Lorna
John Caliendo as Brian
Zachary Gamble as Paul

One Night Stand is one night only!
Thursday, February 16th
7:00 pm pARTy
8:00 pm Performance

Theatre West 97
214 West 97th Street
Between Broadway and Amsterdam

Tickets are available at

Writers Resist
2:30 pm14:30

Writers Resist

  • Shetler Studios and Theatre

Writers Resist: Writers, actors, and performers gather to perform pieces about their reactions to the election, the subsequent administration, and the mass protests against it. With facts and the past being distorted, we must remember this.

Free Admission | Sunday, February 12, 2:30-4:30pm
Shetler Studios
244 W 54th St
12th floor, Shetler 1

Feel free to invite friends.


"Like Birnham Wood" by Roz Calvert

"Be the Nightmare" by Jane Willis

"Questions for the Ghosts of the Resisters" by Roz Calvert

"Kiehl's Lotion" -(from Community Organized") by Jeanine T. Abraham*

"Go Home" by Penny Jackson

"Beans" by Toni De Palma

"You Put a Spell on Me" by Carol W. Berman

"SOS from North Carolina" by Cynn Chadwick

"Marilyn's Story" by Marilyn McClellan

"Same Hands?" by Emily Brout

"Carnage" by Nicholas Walker Herbert

"I'm Writing to Tell You" by Anonymous

"Veterans Stand -- Standing Rock" by Jim Williams

With: (in alphabetical order) Jeanine T. Abraham*, Jeanine Bartel*, Colleen Clinton*, Christian Green, Katherine Alt Keener*, Shemel Kelly, Becca Lish*, Paul Murphy*, Walter Rodriguez, Sharon Ullrick*, Maureen Van Trease*, Jean Burton Walker*, Ran Xia, Hannah Yi

* Actors Equity

Presented by Jane Willis, Roz Calvert, and Tommy Grimly

Polar Bear Plunge: Promises
6:00 pm18:00

Polar Bear Plunge: Promises

  • Lucky Jack's

Polar Bear Plunge: Promises
(FREE, Suggested donation $5
Imbibe and tip liberally.)
Door at 5:30 pm, show at 6:00 pm

From your friendly neighbourhood Arctic Humans
There will be an original song by Charlotte Arnoux
New works by Florence Le BasAdrian BurkeVictoria GiambalvoJake GearyRan Xia will be emcee
As well as from guest artists
New plays by Monica TrauschJulia Levine, original songs by Emily KrauseK Sloan, poetry by Lawrence DreyfussKelly Teaford, and story byEsther Ko

Submit to be part of our next POLAT BEAR PLUNGE at:www.thearcticgroup.org/polar-bear-plunge

TIckets at: https://www.artful.ly/store/events/11251

Harmony (Part of Sanctuary)
8:30 pm20:30

Harmony (Part of Sanctuary)

  • HERE arts center

Harmony is an audio documentary and sound sculpture enhanced with visual/movement elements, featuring the collective consciousness of voices around the globe. It was first conceived as a response to China's extreme enforcement of internet surveillance and people's silent protest using puns and metaphors. Over the past year we've collected more than 43 individuals' responses on a set of questions, who shared their takes on the world's current state, their interpretations on some of the most universal yet polarizing concepts, as well as the vulnerabilities we share as a race. Harmony is set to be a living, growing, and evolving organ that would pick up whatever's happening in-the-moment. In this installment, our presentation will feature live responses in DC at the women's march and the aftermath of the 2017 inauguration. 

Created by Ran Xia with crucial collaboration of Charlotte Arnoux. Featuring voices of Raquel Borromeo, Sean Jenny, Clara Pagone, Jennie Campbell, Lindsay Wells, Matthew Vitticore, Charlotte Arnoux, Joey Labadia, Monica Trausch, Joanna Fang, Maya Land, Adham James Haddara, Gehad 'Gee' ElShaikh, Abraham Marlett, Alex Parrish, Danny Wilfred, Emily Cordes, Amy Cordes, Emily Krause, Jason Almeida, Joey Rizzolo, Katie Vincent, Laura Aristovolus, Lexa Krebs, Marissa Rutka, Priyanka Voruganti, Victoria Giambalvo, Aurelien Arnoux, Penny Wu, Christopher Fok, Erika Baum, Byanjana Thapa, Irene Turri, Puy Navarro, Dominique Ducamps, Laure Porche, Ran Xia, Simon Lu, Kendra Augustin, Jake Geary, K. Sloan, Janet Admasu, Lula Konner, Karen Oughtred, Erica Rose, and Mo Faramawy
Music by Lulu Clohessy, Neil Erua, K. Sloan, Ran Xia, Charlotte Arnoux, etc.

Coffee Shop Theatre
7:30 pm19:30

Coffee Shop Theatre

  • Lenox Coffee


Come see three new one act plays by three different writers. Each play takes place in a coffee shop! Featuring plays by Alex Genty-Waksberg, Pat D. Robinson and Ran Xia!

Dixon Place Presents: HARMONY
7:30 pm19:30

Dixon Place Presents: HARMONY

  • Dixon Place

Dixon Place Premieres: HARMONY

Harmony examines the reality of Internet surveillance and the government’s control on media in China, in an attempt to serve as a warning in the society we live in. Building a harmonious society comes with a cost, and the idea of “Harmony” is an illusion which involves oppression and a loss of freedom. We have recorded voices from people of various background, in order to exhibit a community that thrives on disharmony.

For more info go to http://thearcticgroup.org/Harmony



FEATURING raquel borromeo, sean jenny, clara pagone, jennie campbell, lindsay wells, matt vitticore, charlotte arnoux, joey labadia, monica trausch, joanna fang, maya land, adham haddara, abraham marlett, alex parrish, danny wilfred, emily cordes, emily krause, jason almeida, joey rizzolo, katie vincent, laura aristovolus, lexa krebs, marissa rutka, priyanka voruganti, victoria giambalvo, aurelien arnoux, penny wu, christopher fok, erika baum, byanjana thapa, irene turri, puy navarro, dominique decamps, laure porche, ran xia, simon lu, kendra augustin, jake geary, kelly sloan, janet admasu, and lula konne

Lonely, I'm Not
Jan 22

Lonely, I'm Not

  • Workshop Theatre

Ran designed poster art for this show!

West of 10th presents LONELY, I'M NOT by Paul Weitz!

Lonely, I'm Not is a romantic comedy that follows Porter, a former prodigal corporate "ninja," and Heather, an ambitious young businesswoman who has been sightless since age 2. It's 4 years after Porter had a nervous breakdown, quit his job, and got divorced when their old friend "Little Dog" decides that these two might just hit it off.

Performances are Wednesday 1/18 at 8pm, Thursday 1/19 at 8pm, Friday 1/20 at 8pm, Saturday 1/21 at 2pm and 8pm and Sunday 1/22 at 8pm.

Margaret Curry*
Rachel Goodgal
Andrew Hamling
Adam Maggio*
Leon Morgan
Hannah Yi

An Equity Approved Showcase
*Actors so designated are members of Actors' Equity Association

Directed by: Christopher Campbell-Orrock

Produced by West of 10th/Jen Sandler and Rachel Goodgal

Production Stage Manager: Chandalae Nyswonger
Assistant Stage Manager: Lizzy Cook

Costume Design: TJ Burleson
Set & Props Design: Wesley Cornwell
Sound Design: Patrick Lachance
Lighting & Projection Design: Joshua Langman

Running time is approximately 80 minutes. Snacks and drinks will be on sale.

All tickets are $18 at www.lonelyimnot.brownpapertickets.com!

Undiscovered Countries (January Edition)
8:00 pm20:00

Undiscovered Countries (January Edition)

  • BIZARRE Bushwick

Ran is doing some body painting in Serena Berman's new play!

Undiscovered Countries is a residency of new and developing live artistic work, performing every other month at Bizarre Bushwick. FREE to audiences and performers alike. This January we're proud to feature:

Stand up by Alexandra Guillen
Invisible Ink by Serena Berman
Stuffed Animals by Trigger Warning
The ASMR Space Cop by Jessica G. Smith
DEEEP SPACE LOVE SONG (excerpt) by TOLVA (also known as Sam Congdon)
Fatbot by Jenna Antoniades
Hate the SIM by Joyce Miller
and throughout: AlienWomynLadyBalloonist by Barbara Begley andCaroline Kittredge Faustine

Soup Out Loud: Roadside Mystics
7:30 pm19:30

Soup Out Loud: Roadside Mystics

  • Chinatown Soup

Soup Out Loud is a free public reading series in Chinatown Soup's gallery space, featuring performances that further the conversations around the artwork displayed.

Join us for an evening of art, theater, and wine! Playwrights Celine SongSofya Weitz, and Ran Xia, have worked with a few of the pieces in Roadside Mystics to create brand new short plays.

Roadside Mystics is comprised of painting (Monroe Hodder), video (Ruth Eckland, music by Matt DiFonzo), and photography (Fred Hodder). Their work examines contemporary archetypes of women, exploring identity with interplay of paint and light. Psychedelic, surreal, and maze-like, the images illuminate our attempts to discover meaning in chaos.

inspired by “Encounters at the Edge of Sight”
by Ruth Eckland
Featuring McLean PetersonSerena Berman, and Alex Walton

“Out in the Woods Now”
inspired by “Time and Flame”
by Monroe Hodder
Featuring Xavier ReminickMcLean Peterson, and Jim Sherwood

inspired by “Time Square Collaboration” and “Midtown Collaboration”
by Fred Hodder
Featuring Natalie WalkerSerena BermanAlex Walton, and Sean Brannon

There will be a Q + A with the artists following the performance. Soup Out Loud is produced by Serena Berman and Jake Beck, with direction by Jake Beck.


Leera NYC's A Play In A Day
8:30 pm20:30

Leera NYC's A Play In A Day

  • Q.E.D.

Leela NYC is touring the boroughs with one day blind-casting play fest. This time we're in Queens!

The writers are not given head shots, genders, age, nationality of actors prior to writing the scripts! They only get their skill set. The day of the event actors and directors get the script and spend hours making the plays performance ready by the evening. Want to see what happens when we are not conditioned by how we look or sound? Come over and play with us.

Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 8:30pm there will be a performance of 4 short plays, memorized, that will take place.

27-16 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
Nearest Train stops: N, Q to Astoria-Ditmars Blvd

Tickets are $5 online. 

Interested Non-Equity actors email skill set/resume and one fun fact about yourself to leelanycfestival@gmail.com

Yaakov Bressler
Simi Toledano
Yani Perez
Erin Moughon

Ran Xia
Kimberly Stewart
Mike Griffiths
Chris Erlendson

Polar Bear Plunge: Fire Hazard
6:00 pm18:00

Polar Bear Plunge: Fire Hazard

  • Bunga's Den

Arctic Group's 2ND Polar Bear Plunge features short pieces with the theme FIRE HAZARD
(Imbibe and tip liberally.)
Door at 5:30 pm, show at 6:00 pm

Short materials created and sometimes performed by Arctic Humans (Charlotte Arnoux, Adrian Burke, Florence Le Bas, Victoria Giambalvo, Ran Xia), Jake BeckCristian Marianciuc aka Icarus.Mid.Air, Kelly Stuart,Jordon WatersVictoria Crutchfield, and more.

Performance opportunity courtesy of Bunga's Den and Fail Better Reading Series by Esther Ko

Peonies by Heloise Wilson
10:30 pm22:30

Peonies by Heloise Wilson

  • Dixon Place

Little y and Dixon Place invite you to a workshop reading of '' Peonies'' by Heloise Wilson, directed by Christina Roussos. 
Admission is FREE. 
Location : In the lounge. 

''After their grandmother’s death, three sisters from very different worlds come together to sift through the belongings and sell the home she left behind.Kathleen, the middle sister, brings home a stranger she met at the local supermarket, disturbing the microcosm of grief and closure the women were building for themselves. A girl, probably from the past, observes everything. Set in a suburb of Toronto, Canada in the early 2000’s, Peonies explores the taboos of modern day families, along with the dynamics between emotional legacy and objects. '' 

the reading will be followed by a short talk back
RSVP : heloise@littley.co

The Girl With The Bonnet : Tanyamaria MacFarlane
Kip : Naren Weiss
Marine : Chelsea Harrison
Kathleen : Ashley Thaxton
Moira : Ciara Griffin
Stage directions : Ran Xia

poster design : Metushaleme Dary

Philosophie at Reckless Theatre's Fighter Pilots
10:30 pm22:30

Philosophie at Reckless Theatre's Fighter Pilots

  • Reckless Theatre

Ran's very first comedy attempt plays at Reckless Theatre


-Love Is Alive and Well in Retail- 

Caitlin recently finds herself in a strange "long distance relationship" with her boyfriend Nat. A mystery brings her back to the big apple, and she starts a new job in retail. Nothing seems out of ordinary...

FIGHTER PILOTS launches four original TV scripts on stage to duke it out and see who’s top gun and who’s canceled and left dead in the dust. No studios. No boundaries. No parachutes. Come see unfiltered imaginations let loose on air to fly or die. This is not your regularly scheduled programming. 

Directed by Florence LeBas

Starring: Charlotte Arnoux, Max Schloner, Molly Gervis, Jessie Atkinson, Fareeha Khan, Irene Turri, Kelly Lamanna, Kelly Teaford, Kayla Catan, Juliana Philippi, and Katie Vincent

De Profundis
Nov 20

De Profundis

  • Jewel Box Theatre

Part of MITF
De Profundis was first developed during Exquisite Corpse Company's Writer's Lab 2016 Spring

This is the story for the mermaids who longed for sound. This is the story of an inventor, a costume designer, a mysterious seashell collector, and a pair of young lovers, and an enchanted mirror, revealing things you're not ready to let go. 
Written and Directed by Ran Xia, inspired by the poetic works of Matthea Harvey, Lord Tennyson, Federico Garcia Lorca, and the life and inventions of Antonio Meucci.
Earthly and Oceanic creatures played by James C. Sherwood, Rosanne Rubino, Juliana Philippi, Adrian Burke, and Therese Dizon
Assistant Director Charlotte Arnoux
Sound Design by Adrian Bridges

Performances runs about 70 minutes
Wed 11/16
Fri 11/18
Sat 11/19
Sun 11/20

Wild Works
6:30 pm18:30

Wild Works

  • The Wild Project

Halloween themed 48-hour-play festival at the Wild Project


Polar Bear Plunge: Nightmares
6:00 pm18:00

Polar Bear Plunge: Nightmares

  • Bunga's Den

Arctic's inaugural monthly performance series Polar Bear Plunge features short pieces with the theme NIGHTMARES
(Buy drinks and tip your bartender liberally.)
RSVP at https://www.artful.ly/store/events/10342
Theme: Nightmares
Prompts (include at least one in your piece)
1. One miniature pumpkin
2. Scar
3. Death

Short materials created and sometimes performed by Arctic People (Charlotte ArnouxAdrian BurkeFlorence Le BasVictoria GiambalvoRan Xia) and guests, Cristian MarianciucJordon WatersMike Turner, Emily Krause.

Performance opportunity courtesy of Bunga's Den and Fail Better Reading Series by Esther Ko

Suggested donation $5

A Kid Like Jake
Oct 22

A Kid Like Jake

  • The Apt of Alex and Greg

First production of A Kid Like Jake by Daniel Pearle in NYC since its Lincoln Centre debut. 

Oct 20, 21, and 22, 2016 at 8pm, Limited Engagement

Directed by Michael D'Angora

Cast: Becky Baumwoll, Nairoby Otero, Luke Younger, Amanda Barron 

Production Design by Ran Xia

Produced by YOLO! Productions

On the eve of the admissions cycle for Manhattan's most exclusive private schools, Alex and Greg have high hopes for their son Jake, a precocious four-year-old who happens to prefer Cinderella to G.I. Joe. A Kid Like Jake is a study of intimacy, parenthood, and the fantasies that accompany both.

Running time: 1:30

Price: $25.00

Seating: General Admission    

Capacity: 30

"[A] smart, fluent drama…Mr. Pearle has found an intriguing subject of real currency, and one that stirs our natural sympathy." —NY Times. "A KID LIKE JAKE is a searching, keenly perceptive look at how the nature-versus-nurture question can play out on the front lines of tolerance today." —Time Out NY. "Daniel Pearle's polished new dramedy…is full of perceptive details about the intense world of affluent parenting, where every child is gifted and the struggle for dominance begins at home." —NY Magazine.

Artilliers Play-In-A-Day
8:00 pm20:00

Artilliers Play-In-A-Day

  • Chinatown Soup

4 new plays in just one day? CAN IT BE DONE? Artilliers thinks it can!

WHEN: Saturday August 13 at 8pm

WHERE: Chinatown Soup, 16B Orchard St (off the B/D at Grand or the F at East Broadway)

WHAT: On Friday August 12, Artilliers will be selecting a well-known play from the canon to serve as a jumping off point for this insane undertaking. Four playwrights will have just 12 hours complete brand new 10-minute plays of any style. Teams of directors and actors will have the next 12 hours to rehearse, tech, and present these contemporary masterworks for a live, deeply judgmental audience (just kidding, everyone will be nice)!

Playwrights - Charlotte MartinMatt MinnicinoTom NieboerRan Xia
Directors - Benita de WitFelicia LoboGraham MillerRyan Szelong
Actors - Ali Andre AliMichael AxelrodSummer BillsJessica Damouni,Nataysha AnnAllison FrascaMarshall LouiseAmanda NicholasBen PeltzTess RichieMax Puzzleboy SheldonIsabelle Van VleetTomas Virgadula
Designers - Ariella AxelbankAdrian Bridges
Producers - Serena BermanJake BeckAndrew CarrNik AliyeTrey Fillmore

After the performance, WE PARTY! Audience and team members alike can chat, drink, dance, meet, mix, mingle -- all the alliterative things that take place at parties!

Come celebrate new work and marathon endurance with us at our vibrant artistic home in the LES, Chinatown Soup. 

Tickets are $5 at the door (cash only). 

Reserve for free in advance to ensure a seat and get a FREE DRINK!

(Reservations must be claimed five minutes before curtain. There will be tickets available at the door, but seating is limited so arrive early!)


The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte
Sep 25

The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte

  • House 17, Nolan Park, Governor's Island New York, NY USA

The piece, collaboratively written by 8 playwrights and directed by Artistic Director, Tess Howsam, delves into the world of surrealist painter Rene Magritte. It will be set in House 17 in Nolan Park on Governors Island. Audiences will experience the play within an immersive interpretation of the painter's six paneled mural, 'The Enchanted Realm', designed by a team of installation artists. The show runs Saturdays and Sundays in the day from August 13 - September 25, 2016.

Baby Fat: Act I
Jul 23

Baby Fat: Act I


Verdi's classic opera Rigoletto gets a punk rock overhaul by iconic frontman of Screeching Weasel ("Cool Kids"), Ben Weasel. In Baby Fat: Act I, we find ourselves in The Reptile House, a Chicago club where the house band Serpentello and its entourage are at the center of a dark vortex of debauchery from which seemingly no soul can escape unharmed. Michael Scholar, Jr. (The Black Rider) directs this advance showing for a strictly limited run. 

"While a handful of bands are prepping storylines for the stage, this may be the first opera in punk rock, and is a creative leap from the Weasel aesthetic.”

Scott Murry, New Noise Magazine

Please note that Screeching Weasel does not appear in this production of Baby Fat: Act I.

7:00 pm19:00


  • Jimmy's 43


Written by Joe Breen

Performed by Vanessa Peresa-Felix, Sarah Traisman, and Sarah Young

2 performances at 7pm and 9pm on July 12th, Tuesday. 

Part of ESPA at Primary Stages' DETENTION series No. 35: Unconventional

Detention is an evening of new and original theater pieces written, directed, and performed exclusively by ESPA students. For each Detention, our playwrights have two weeks to create new, short plays based on a challenging writing assignment by a prominent guest artist. A handful of these plays are selected, staffed with a student director, and cast with student actors for a one-night-only, down and dirty production at Jimmy's No. 43 in the East Village. Detention plays have gone on to both publication and full production. This program continually brings the ESPA community of artists together in a raw, collaborative challenge with public exposure.

Detention performances take place a few times each semester, and participation is limited to ESPA students. Detention assignments will be announced 4-6 weeks prior to each performance.

The Primaries Project
8:00 pm20:00

The Primaries Project

  • Kraine Theatre

Theater in Asylum's ____ Project series brings together new short works unified around a single theme. Join us for a night of political theater and art as we ask:

The Libertarian Party already had its convention...
What is a primary? What does it mean?
What is happening to the American psyche right now?
Is this primary different than previous primaries?
What are the “PRIMARIES”?

Join us for a night of new work!
FREE tickets distributed 1 hour before curtain. OR reserve and guarentee your seat for $10.

Produced by Theater In Asylum's Paul Bedard

Jul 5


  • Paradise Factory Theatre

Part of the Planet Connections Festival

Written by Ivan Faute, adapted from novella of same title by Cris Mazza

Directed by Ran Xia

With Charlotte Arnoux, Jathina Campos, Victoria Giambalvo, and Lorraine Tai

June 21 5:15pm                  June 25 6:30pm

June 23 5:45pm                July  2   11:00am

June 24 9:30pm                July  5   8:45pm

Teri and Cleo, minimum-wage nurse-aides for severely handicapped children, must implement new results-based therapy or lose their jobs. When a child dies as a result of the therapy, Teri and Cleo face their own powerlessness against medical injustice and consider who should be classified as "disabled."

Wanda, Daisy, & the Great Rapture
Jun 12

Wanda, Daisy, & the Great Rapture

  • Governor's Island

It’s a sticky hot summer in the swamplands of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Step-sisters Wanda and Daisy are used to people disappearing: Wanda’s mother committed suicide and Daisy’s father is fading away as his Alzheimer's worsens and his obsession with an impending Rapture intensifies. A magical story about how we hold onto memory, family, and ourselves.



Princess Anybody
7:30 pm19:30

Princess Anybody

  • dixon place

Aurore is unable to decide who she might be; Snow White struggles with body issue; the little mermaid discovers the worst secret of her entrance to womanhood.  Princess Anybody explores the dark and twisted side of the world & the real life problems a ‘‘princess’’ might encounter. The play incorporates performance art, songs, as well as movements, presenting a physical poetry of the dandy & the horrible.

Ran Xia

Rachel Graf Evans

Caitlin Belforti
Rachel Graf Evans
Kasey Huizinga
Chelsea Lesage
Clara Pagone
Marissa Stewart

Word Play
8:00 pm20:00

Word Play

  • East 4th Street Theatre

At the end of his life, Icarus invites Esme on a road trip, thus begins a journey of two lost souls on borrowed time, up north.